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Engaging Interaction.
Effortless Charm.
Empathetic Design.
Eclectic Style.
The Palmetto prides itself on providing a deeply authentic Charleston experience. Situated in the historic district, within touching distance of the city’s finest restaurants and bars, the boutique hotel is particular to the place in which it lives, even a bit peculiar in the way of all charming Southern eccentrics.
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Eclectic Style

The decor references the city at every turn, with historic black-and-white party pics and classic antiques reinvented through custom upholstery depicting iconic Low Country destinations. Carefully curated original artwork by Charleston based artists from the early 1900’s is juxtaposed with custom contemporary pieces.
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Effortless Charm

The Palmetto is perfectly located in The Historic District of Charleston. The delicate intricacies of its historic homes and buildings, such as the Nathaniel Russell House and
the Old Exchange Building, will transport you to a bygone era. Lose yourself in the rich history and elegant architecture of this Southern gem.

A stroll through the Battery is a must. The tranquil promenade, dotted with elegant benches and shaded by towering oaks, offers a breathtaking view of the harbor. Charleston’s romantic charm is undeniable, and its elegant architecture and historic landmarks are sure to leave you captivated. As you immerse yourself in the beauty of this city, let the magic of Charleston transport you.

Empathetic Design

The design is also incredibly empathetic: While the rooms and common areas give off a certain effortless, “what, this old thing” chic, a great deal of thought went into what would make you comfortable — where you would want to hang a towel or charge your phone, what you would want to nosh on while sipping a Pimm’s Cup, how our lobby could function as your living room.

Engaging Interaction

At The Palmetto, we understand that true Southern hospitality aims to put guests at ease, not intimidate them; that genuine warmth trumps cool every time; and that upscale needn’t be synonymous with uptight. Staying with us should always feel like coming home.

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